Now Reading: William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus


Two months ago, I realized that I should read more dramas/plays so here I am, reading Shakespeare again.

The first Shakespeare drama I read was Hamlet in freshman year (four years ago) for my Renaissance Literature class. I knew we were going to have a hard time with the course because of the language but with the help of our extremely passionate teacher with a British accent, we smoothly sailed with Hamlet on his ship to England.

For Theatre class in junior year, we had to read King Lear for our lesson in analyzing dramatic texts and to prepare for an upcoming adaptation of King Lear, entitled Haring Lear, where the play was translated into Filipino. It was an all-male ensemble, post-apocalyptic-themed with bright lights, rain, a disco ball, and a gyrating Oswald (Note: IT WAS A FANTASTIC PLAY). Sadly, I never finished reading it.

Greek drama is next on my list. I know I should start with that but I really want to watch Coriolanus (starring Voldemort and Leonidas) and I refuse to watch it without reading the play. I did watch A Streetcar Named Desire without reading the play but that’s a different story.

Marlon Brando was in it. How could I resist?


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