Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat or I will burn your house down.

My favorite time of the year has finally come!

Trick or treating is out of the question but deliberately scaring myself is not. I’m a horror movie buff and consume horror movies like a drug addict on cocaine. My fascination with all things scary began when I was still small and gullible. Constantly hearing stories about ghosts, monsters, and urban legends fueled my imagination. Evil spirits invaded my house when I was 8 years old because I swung on the vines of a haunted tree (which explains the evil spirit in my about page). Years were spent trying to feed my curiosity for the supernatural and the unexplained. I read books, wrote stories, watched movies, and went on ghost hunts. I even hung out with a group of friends who I discussed otherworldly matters with. I liked scary things and getting scared.

I’m far from that wide-eyed child but my obsession with horror grows stronger. Eventually, my tolerance for scares got higher. I think I’m the bravest in my family. I can walk alone in complete darkness while fully aware of the fact that I could possibly step on a cockroach or rat with my bare feet. It also made me realize that the scariest things in life are not found in fiction but in reality.

As per Catholic tradition, the first two days of November (All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day respectively) should be spent in a cemetery with our dead loved ones and praying that the spirits don’t appear to us in the middle of the night. As per my personal tradition, I will celebrate All Hallow’s Eve by having my annual super duper horror movie marathon!

There’s something old, something new, something borrowed, and something with hot guys.

1. The Birds (1963)

A horror movie marathon isn’t complete without a classic. A Hitchcock masterpiece should do the trick. I love the cheesy effects old horror movies have. Has anyone ever noticed the superimposed moon on Evil Dead (the original)? I thought it was kinda funny. The simple things in these horror movies are also the scariest. One scene I will never forget is the appearance of the old woman from The House on Haunted Hill. All she did was glide past the screen with her hands clawed up and her mouth agape but it scared the life out of me. Really effective.

2. Sinister (2012)

I wasn’t interested in seeing Sinister when it came out a year ago. It might just be another one of those movies that try too hard to scare people. I’m giving it a chance because Ethan Hawke is in it and I need a good (or bad) scare. A lot of people say that it’s scary but I’ll be the judge of that. If I think it’s corny, I’ll show my friends what real horror looks like (Hint: Slendytubbies).

3. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Another typical 21st century horror movie but it’s got good reviews. It’s a comedy and a horror. I like comedy and horror. BOOM! A comedy-horror movie baby.

4. Sleep Tight (2011)

I’ve recently been into European horror. When I discovered Dario Argento and his giallo films, I was hooked. European horror is more emotionally draining than American or Asian horror. Have you seen The Martyrs? You’ll see pretty shocking stuff (like someone getting flayed alive). Definitely not for faint hearts and weak stomachs. They have a great selection of psychological thrillers like The OrphanageSleep Tight or Mientas Duermes is a Spanish horror that I’m really excited to watch.

_ _ _

Asians are the best at mentally messing you up and I would’ve included Asian horror but I ran out of good selections. I watched almost all of the good Asian horror movies. That’s how dedicated I am to this thing. It took a lot of self-control not to watch any horror movies until Halloween came. Going cold turkey for a month was extremely difficult. Now I get to reward myself. Or torture myself. Either way, I’m going to have a fun Halloween.

TIP: If you want to have a full experience of watching a horror movie at home, the best way is to watch it alone in a dark room with earphones on. People think I’m a masochist for doing this but it really gives you a great experience of the movie. Scare factor gets bumped up 100%. A group horror movie marathon is also a splendid idea. Just don’t forget to have an asshole friend scare the crap out of everyone when they least expect it.

How are you spending Halloween, dear reader? Remember to hang garlic on your windows to keep the vampires away and not to look outside when you wake up in the wee hours. You might just let a spirit enter your home.

Happy Halloween!


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