A Little Bit of Everything: Christmas, Cold Weather, and Creepy Things

Hello, WordPress! It’s been a while.

I now have the time to write because Christmas break has started. A lot of eventful things happened since the last post so instead of spazzing out and word vomiting all over this blog, I will limit my story to the random photos I’ve put together. They are not accurate representations but I’ll try to bend and twist my story in order to connect it to the image like some sort of creative writing exercise.

A couple of months ago, I received my new and technologically advanced mobile communication device, and this is one of the first photos I took with it. I can tell a lot of stories with this photo alone.

  1. Every time my family and I go to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, my dad would ask for house tea and we would share it (because we’re the only tea drinkers in the family).
  2. It’s jasmine green tea. It’s my favorite Asian tea.
  3. I recently ran out of Earl Grey tea. We haven’t gone grocery shopping for months. I have to settle with the Kenyan/Assam tea that we have until then.

Christmas tree
Ten days until Christmas! There’s a grand Winter Wonderland set-up in a mall with animatronic animals, and this gigantic Christmas tree is part of it. The Christmas season in the Philippines begin in September and ends in February so it’s gonna be a long celebration.

Just like tea, we ran out of coffee a month ago and haven’t stocked up until yesterday. I told myself that this is a test of whether I’m a coffee addict or not. I managed not to buy a whole bag of coffee but found myself trying out different kinds of coffee from different stalls. Pictured are barako coffee and Malaysian strong coffee from a Belgian waffle place.

Green scarf
With cold weather comes a reasonable collection of scarves. I’ve been collecting and wearing scarves since my first year in college. I can still remember the blue scarf with black polka dots that I wore during my 7:30 Classical Literature in freshman year (which I recently have been using again). Collecting scarves is not hard when you have a mother with a collection of scarves herself. The green scarf I’m wearing in the picture is one of my favorites. And if you look closely, you can see my messy room in the background.

Theatre has become a huge part of my life ever since I took Theatre class in my junior year. Everything started making sense after that. As my days in the university come to an end, the muses suddenly send me a script to breathe life into. I’m super excited and anxious to direct my first play. It’s part of the Valentine’s production our theatre group will stage next year but the genre of my script is different from the other plays. Unlike the typical kilig love story, The Umbra is dark and eerie. Right up my alley.

The usual plan of a Humanities student in my university would be to take masters after undergraduate studies. I’m no exception. I want to study Art History, preferably in another country. The problem is that things are a bit complicated and scrambled eggs in my head (and life) right now. Everybody knows my plans except for my parents. Besides studying in another country, I just really want to get out of here. I want to experience being on my own in a strange land where there’s a possibility that I might be broke and homeless. But I don’t care. I don’t want to survive. I want to live.

Well, that escalated quickly. I have a lot of emotions.

There it is. Words constructed into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. Enjoy the holidays!


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