Gratia (Week 2)

And the gratitude journal continues.

There was a lot to be thankful for this week. By the grace of God and  hard work, I survived my first week of school (AND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!) for the year 2014. I didn’t think I could make it but I did.

Sunday (January 5)

  • I officially began my gratitude journal! So amaze!
  • I also started eating clean which meant cutting down on unnecessary sugar and fat. So far so good!

Monday (January 6)

  • You know that thing called the pacer test for Physical Education class? I had to do that. Three weeks of nothing but food and internet then bam! Your cardio-respiratory endurance gets tested. I am not in good shape, I have to admit. Compared to 2012 and early 2013, my body just went from slim to slightly budgy. It’s all those late nights in school with nothing to eat but fast food and snacking on chocolates at 12 midnight because hey, why not. That is why I started eating healthy again. In spite of my bad eating habits, I was able to beat my previous score by two beeps! My coach said I did a good job. I know she’s just saying that but I’ll take the compliment.

Tuesday (January 7)

  • I CRAMMED A PAPER AND FINISHED IT. Thank God I didn’t die from fatigue and managed to sit through my classes until 6:00 pm. To make it clear, I didn’t procrastinate. I only found out about this requirement two days before it was due. Feeling energetic and a little hyper because of who-knows-what, I got down to business at 9:00 pm and finished at 2:00 am with a decent output. I will never cram again.
  • This was also the day when I thanked my messed up body clock for keeping me awake in ungodly hours.

Wednesday (January 8)

  • I tweeted, “A cold morning with a lot of sunshine. Good day!” I thank Thee for the beautiful weather. It has healed my soul.

Thursday (January 9)

  • This day marks my last report for my Asian Literature class.
  • Theatre is amazing. Art is amazing.

Friday (January 10)

  • It’s the end of the week! I made it! Hooray for believing in myself.

Saturday (January 11)

  • I was home alone in the afternoon until 12 midnight. It’s just what I needed after a hectic week.
  • My sister sent me a message at 9:00 pm telling me to go out and look at the moon. I didn’t find anything unusual but I stayed there and gazed at the stars. I like looking at the night sky especially during the winter season (which does not exist in this small tropical archipelago). That’s when sky is clear and all the stars can be seen. They really do twinkle.


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