Gratia (Week 3)

I’m a little late on last week’s entry because a lot of Kant (yes, Immanuel Kant) and sickness happened over the weekend. I still am quite busy tonight but I want to spend time for this because I committed to it and I need a breather from reading.

Last week felt surreal. It’s like a huge wave of nostalgia washed me off the ground I’m standing on and took me floating on its waves. Ever since the second semester started, I keep thinking that my life in the university has come full circle.

Sunday (January 12)

  • It was a very productive Sunday, that Sunday. A lot of work was done but it wasn’t exhausting. Sitting on my bed with the cool breeze coming from my window made the afternoon extra special.

Monday (January 13)

  • I like talking about the heavenly bodies and this day was all about the moon. There was a MASSIVE halo around the moon because of science-y, astronomical reasons I cannot elaborate on. Now I know why my sister wanted me to check out the moon the other Saturday. This time, I heard her calling me from the garden. I ran outside, looked up, and holy sh… THERE IT IS. THE GLORIOUS, TERRIFYING, AND MAGNIFICENT MOON HALO. GAZE UPON ITS BEAUTY. The heavenly bodies never cease to amaze me.

Tuesday (January 14)

  • Tuesdays are my new Mondays. I arrived an hour early at school (8:00 am) and since I rushed, I wasn’t able to drink coffee. I grabbed a cup at the cafeteria and sat in the garden. It was nice. That moment of peace and quiet was really something. It made me forget that I dread Tuesday mornings.

Wednesday (January 15)

  • Here comes the nostalgia part. There was a graduation assembly held to orient us on the requirements we need in order to graduate. You know, clearance and stuff. Since all the graduating students were there, I saw most of my batch mates who are either taking up their masters or were delayed and finishing their degree like me. Damn. I’m graduating. I’m leaving this university. After five years. Five long years. Damn.
  • After the assembly, I caught up with some of my close friends who I have not seen for a long time. We had lunch and chatted like we used to. An hour isn’t much but it was all I needed. I’ve always known that we’re the right kind of weird for each other.

Thursday (January 16)

  • THIS DAY WAS A DAY OF FEELS. We vowed not to speak about the events that transpired on this day. All I can say is that it was a day of too much feels. It was beautiful, actually. I’ll never forget this day of beautiful and heart-breaking stories of love.
  • This was also the day when I stopped my unnecessary worrying. Don’t worry, be happy.

Friday (January 17)

  • Aaaaaaand this day was a hodgepodge of nostalgia. Theatre friends, the boy in the library, my old hair stylist. I’m glad to know that these people that have become an important part of my life (not so much my hair stylist even if he did give me the best edgy haircuts) are still around. Especially the boy in the library. I wanted to sit beside you and keep you company like before but let’s face it. We can’t bring that back. I hope we get to talk again soon.

Saturday (January 18)

  • It’s the small things like having pandesal and coffee for breakfast that make me grateful that the sun still shines and I have another day to live.



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