4 Games to Play Instead of Flappy Bird

The Flappy Bird craze is dying. Thank heavens. Rather than waste your time on a game that frustrates and makes you unnecessarily competitive, why not waste your time on games that involve the use of logic and cognitive skills? And may or may not potentially frustrate you as well?

If you’re into puzzle solving and brain games like me then this list is for you. Here are four free games that I discovered while digging around the Google Play Store. (Disclaimer: The following are my opinions/reviews based on my gameplay.)

1. Dots

Developer: Playdots, Inc.
Available for iOS and Android

Dots is a simple, no bullshit kind of game. All you have to do is trace a line along the same colored dots. The more dots you connect, the better. If you’re lucky, you can connect four dots in the shape of the square and eliminate all the other dots in that same color. It’s that simple. There are three modes: Timed (clear as many dots in under 60 seconds), Moves (you have 30 moves to clear as many dots as you can), and Endless (no limits!). There are also three power-ups: Time Stops (time stops for 5 seconds), Shrinkers (get rid of one dot on the board), and Expanders (press one dot and all the dots with same color get cleared).

Cons: What annoys me about this game is that only the Timed and Moves mode are free. And you have to purchase Endless for, wait for it… 88.71 dollars. What the actual f*ck. That’s hella expensive.

Pros: But I gotta hand it to the developers. It’s a well-made game. The design is minimalistic, there are also some themes and color schemes to choose from, and no pesky ads popping out of nowhere! There are also trophies for achievements because achievements make us feel special. Read the About page for a little easter egg!

2. Blendoku

Developer: Lonely Few
Available for iOS and Android

This is a game that was probably made for me. The objective of Blendoku is to arrange the colored boxes into the right color spectrum. It reminds me of the Color Test you can take online to test how sensitive you are to color hues.

Cons: You only get one hint per day. If you want more, you’d have to purchase some. Since I don’t think hints are worth spending for, I just leave the game for a couple of hours to refresh my mind or wait until the next day for a new hint. It can also get frustrating at some points, especially when you have a selection of 30 shades of blue to arrange into gradients.

Pros: All the pretty colors! There are so many levels to play and it’s really challenging.

3. Strata

Developer: Graveck
Available for iOS and Android

Strata was nominated for the Most Innovative Game Design in the Indie Showcase at Casual Connect USA 2013. There is a free version (the one I have) and a paid version but (I think) they’re pretty much the same. Strata’s a little difficult to explain so I’ll copy the description provided in the Google Play store:

“The goal of Strata is to strategically layer colored ribbons to match a pattern. Using forethought and strategy you must sequence your moves correctly. Over time patterns emerge and your tactics may evolve, but Strata will keep you on your toes with increasingly difficult puzzles.”

It’s not as easy as it sounds. It took me a while to actually get into the flow of the game but once I did, I was on roll. This really is a strategy-based game. Lots of logic going on.

Cons: The free version is a little glitchy. The text starts getting jumbled up and overlapping each other that it’s hard to read what it’s actually saying.

Pros: It didn’t get nominate for best game design for nothing. Strata’s one good looking game and the ribbon movement looks so smooth that you’ll think it’s made of silk.

4. Pixel Twist

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc.
Available for iOS and Android

Pixel Twist is an offshoot of the game Coign of Vantage by bobblebrook Studios. According to the description, this game is some sort of kotaku or zen exercise. The goal is to rotate the floating pixels to create the image shown on the upper right. Just like Strata, it takes some time to figure out how to play it. I got really frustrated at the start cause I kept rotating the pixels in every direction I can think of but I can’t make out an image. Two minutes ran out and still no image. The hint just made it so much more confusing. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll get hooked! There are two modes: the main game, where you have to keep playing until time runs out, and ten on time, where you recreate 10 images under two minutes.

Cons: There are 100 images to unlock. It sounds like a lot but at one point, I wanted more images. And you might get sick of seeing the strawberry and umbrella at the start of every game. Another downside is that the game does not save your high scores so I just take screenshots of my high scores.

Pros: It’s a cool game and lots of fun to play! This is a game for visual people and those who crave for a little retro gaming in their life.












Bonus: Flappy Doge

Developer: Flappy.me
Available for Android only (but I’m positive you’ll find something similar in the App Store)

I warned you. So you’re not entirely over Flappy Bird. It’s alright. You’ve already been judged. Why not play Flappy Doge instead? People will still judge you because it’s essentially the same game as Flappy Bird but the blow won’t be that bad because it features everyone’s favourite grammatically faulty dog, Doge. Much weird. Such game.

Happy gaming!
(All images taken from the Google Play Store)


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